Failed Magician, the Predator Archetype

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...she says the natural predator is "the most deceitful and most powerful fugitive in the psyche," and it "requires our immediate consciousness and containment." This "inner being" is "quite mad" and carries out "destruction without thought."

Of all the inner beings of our psyches, the predator is the most devious and most determined to escape notice and apprehension by consciousness. He is a dark force that is contrary to Nature and instinct, a formidable enemy of the light of consciousness and all that is good, wild, and feminine. The sole purpose of this "derisive and murderous antagonist" is to subvert cooperation, harmony, and the potential for creativity and conscious evolution.

According to Estés, the natural predator is an innate element in the psyche of all human beings. She speculates that this archetype developed in the preconscious human mind as the desire to overcome the laws and limitations of Nature, and gain power over the forces of life and death. This desire arises from an inflated sense of superiority, delusions of power, and the determination to dominate.

In myth and fairy tales, the natural predator is always portrayed as a dark man and/or a failed magician. He appears normal but is immeasurably destructive. His hatred and rage emanate from his failure to achieve the spiritual or magical power that he sought, a power equal to that of Nature or God. Black magicians have their power taken away and/or are exiled from the realm of the gods. As outcasts they suffer deep loneliness and continuous exile from redemption. They cannot generate their own light. The sun never rises in their consciousness; thus their jealousy of, and desire to capture and possess, those who have the light of consciousness and are able to redeem themselves through creativity.

Although I appreciate why Estés uses the term predator and find it accurate, I still prefer the seemingly archaic and mythological term "demon" because it connotes dark archetypal power that can take over the human psyche. Although “predator" is associated with predation by animals, animals are not demonic in the way this human archetype is—although humans have long projected their own demons onto animals, and still do! But animals don't presume to challenge Nature like humans do, so I use the term “predator demon” to connote a dangerous psychic phenomenon that can become contagious, as C.G. Jung observed and wrote about in his studies of evi
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    Interestingly enough... One of the most powerful mantras I used to break free of the energies around the predator. Was that I ACCEPT that I FEEL LIKE A VICTIM.
    Lol --any one who knows me would laugh because that is quite far from who I thought I had become.
    Apparently that was still accessible in my psyche, under this influence.

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